Frequently Asked Questions

What happens at the initial consultation?

Our team members will come to your home for the scheduled appointment and will take a thorough inventory of all the rooms, appliances, and other items that require maintenance. We will provide you with a comprehensive list of services we offer tailored to your home's needs and a service contract to review at your convenience.

Am I obligated to sign up for service after the consultation?

No obligation to sign up, but we do believe that you will want to because of the comprehensive services we offer and our competitive pricing.

What can I expect during a service visit?

When our technicians come to visit your home they will perform roughly half of the tasks (depending on season) required by your contract. When the visit is complete, we will provide you with a detailed report of the services performed and recommended repairs (if any). You will have the opportunity to schedule a Handyman Service visit to perform repairs or other requests.

What is the difference between Basic and Premium Service?

Basic Service covers all the items listed in the Preventive Maintenance Service pages unless denoted as "Premium." Premium Service tasks are generally more time consuming (grout cleaning) and may not be right for everyone.

What if I want to cancel my contract?

No problem! We require a written notice of cancellation, such as an email. There are no termination fees for the contract, but if we recently performed a semiannual service visit, we will charge a prorated portion of six months' service fees, depending on the date of termination. If you paid more than six months' of service fees, we will refund you the prorated amount.