We Make Sure Your House Works!

HousewoRx Company is dedicated to making sure every aspect of your home is kept in top shape. We believe it's time to apply the same effort we put toward our physical health and our vehicles' safety to the dwellings that surround us. Preventive maintenance of your home will save money on costly repairs and keep your home safe for many years to come.

Our Services

Our team of highly skilled, ensured, local contractors provide services for clients with a variety of needs.

Preventive Maintenance

Ideal for Homeowners who plan to stay in their homes.

We inspect each home room by room during the initial consultation and provide a comprehensive list of the home's service needs. We tailor each contract to the specific dwelling and perform semiannual service visits to complete the work. Service contract clients also have the option of hiring us for additional handyman or remodeling work at a competitive rate. For larger projects, we serve as a liaison on the client's behalf to assist with hiring contractors and checking on the progress of their work.


Ideal for Homeowners who plan to sell their homes, Real Estate investors, Realtors, and Landlords.

Whether preparing to sell or rent, there is always a list of tasks that must be completed. We have the tools and the skills to get those tasks done quickly so you can save time and money to move your project along. We offer competitive quotes and qualified contractors to help you reach your goals.

Our Partners

For larger projects we have partnered with trusted professionals to meet all of our clients' needs. For inquiries about becoming a trusted business partner, please contact us at partners@houseworxcompany.com